consejos turismo barcelona

Tips if you visit Barcelona for the first time

  1. Visiting Barcelona: we recommend explore the city walking, not from 12:00 to 16:00 on summer, it would be a good idea to get the metro, buses, metro intercity, tram or train (Ferrocarrils of the Generalitat de Catalunya or Rodalies de Catalunya). You can access with a single ticket or buy a combined ticket (T10), a combined ticket multipersonal of 10 trips). The cost is € 9.95, allows a maximum of 4 transfers. If you do not stay in the center pay special attention to the number of zones, as the cost of tickets will increase significantly.
    If you take a Rodalies renfe it probably will be late (from 15 minutes to 1 hour).consejos turismo barcelona
  2. Shedule: in Spain lunch and dinner times are a bit different from the rest of Europe, but in tourist or busiest areas will have no problem to dinner at 19:00 or have lunch at 13:00. In Barcelona use to eat between 14:00 and 15:00 and have dinner between 21:00 and 22: 30.
    Go shopping: stores usually open at 10:00. The local business usually close at noon (14:00) until early afternoon (16-17: 00).
  3. Security: in Barcelona you will find two types of police: Mossos d’Esquadra and Local Police. You may speak to them in any event and under any circumstances. The emergency number in Catalonia is 112.
  4. Currency: The official currency is the euro. If you have not brought enough Euros for your stay in Barcelona you can pay with your credit card in most establishments or change currency at any ATM or exchange (either at the airport or at the Rambla).
  5. Beach: there are a lot of beaches in Barcelona, ??where you will find bars, restaurants and water sports (paddle surfing, jetski, etc). Keep in mind that it is forbidden around the city with naked chest, thus leaving the beach to remember to wear a shirt around the city.
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