The Barcelona’s History Museum

A cultural place that we see, is in King’s Square just behind the Cathedral of Barcelona where we see the Barcelona History Museum (Tel: 933 15 11 11), a journey through the history of the city where even you can visit the ruins that were found digging in the backyard or place of Rey.

La Plaza del Rey still maintains its medieval charm thanks to have remained intact walls are even part of the old wall of Barcelona, known as Barcino. In addition to the visit inside the museum, visitors can climb to a d the watchtowers of the old city and admire the views of the Gothic Quarter most curious. Without doubt, a cultural visit to the city should not miss this little museum in understanding the evolution of Barcelona.

Curious restaurant, seafood restaurants in Barcelona

Sometimes we are lost in the middle of a city without knowing where to eat, looking for a place to let us down at the expense of whether or not it is a cheap place, good quality, if we are going to serve well or lose the opportunity to eat somewhere really curious ignorance.

From here we recommend any of the restaurants in town where you can eat well, and not always for a high price.

An example is “The paradeta” which in reality there are several scattered around the city, but I will discuss specifically the one in a central area such as the Sagrada Familia.

This restaurant is located in the passage Simó, 18. Just above the Sagrada Familia. Its opening hours are Tuesday through Thursday from 20:00 to 23:30, Fridays and Saturdays from 20:00 to 24:00 and Saturdays and Sundays from 13:00 to 16:00 (Tel: 93 450 01 91) .

No reservations are allowed and first come eat. The particularity of this restaurant, it is rather for young people who want to eat seafood at reasonable prices, is the possibility of buying seafood like a shop in a market. You choose what you eat and how much by the people are. Undoubtedly at an average price of 15 € and 20 € you can eat well, although as you can ask a little more up the account. It is ideal for groups.

La Paradeta seafood Restaurant Once you’ve purchased the seafood, they cook and what you are naming the number of your table to go and pick it up. Or is there a table service but certainly is a place where young people can go and have a good time. We recommend ordering a cloudy wine to accompany, and not miss the grilled cockles. They are excellent!

Welcome to Barcelona

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