Halloween 2015 in Barcelona: 6 plans for a fright-filled weekend!

Every year when 31 October comes around, a series of strange and sinister characters (zombies, monsters, witches, etc.) begin to emerge from their lairs and take to the streets of towns and cities. It is also a night when the little ones go door to door collecting candy and repeating the famous phrase “Trick or Treat” to get favours from the neighbours. Yes, we are talking about Halloween, and though it is neither a Spanish nor Catalan tradition, Barcelona is no exception and what for many is the scariest night of the year comes to life. If you want to celebrate this holiday in Ciudad Condal (Barcelona), take note of some of the best plans for experiencing a fright-filled Halloween in Barcelona:


-. Castañada: for those who love local traditions as well as those who are not terribly fond of celebrations imported from the Anglo-Saxon world, the Castañada (or Castanyada in Catalan) is the best alternative for the night of 31 October. It consists of gatherings of family or friends to dine and try typically autumnal dishes, like roasted chestnuts (Castañada derives from the Spanish word for chestnut), sweet potatoes, or traditional Panellets, a sweet dish made with almond and sugar and formed into small balls. In its original version, these balls were coated with pine nuts and eaten cold after a light baking. However, over the years panellets have evolved and now at any pastry shop in Barcelona we can find them in a wide variety of  flavours, ranging from quince to chocolate or strawberry. If you are in Barcelona, be sure to try these small autumn snacks. You should have a chance to do so, for example, at some of the popular parties that take place on this night, since most neighbourhoods organize their own Castañadas at public parks, gardens, or civic centres as in the case of La Marina (in Sants-Montjuic where you can find a wide range of flats), which celebrates the event in the Can Ferrero Gardens.

-. Night of Souls (Noche de Almas): it is with this gloomy name that many areas of Barcelona refer to their activities to celebrate Halloween. In Nou Barris, for example, their party agenda (which starts on 17 October) includes workshops for make-up and horror prosthesis, a terrifying parade, a tunnel of fear, and a guided tour under the name “Ghosts of Barcelona”.  In Les Corts, they also refer to their celebrations as “Night of Souls“. In this case, the planned events include a torch-lit stroll, a performance by Diables, and a popular dinner event.

-. Halloween Parties:  virtually every club in the city dedicate the night of 31 October (as well as the nights before and after in some cases) to throwing Halloween parties where the costumes, make-up, and most sinister of decorations are the main attractions. The ElRow nightclub, with locations in Ibiza, Barcelona, and Madrid, hosts its popular Halloween party in Ciudad Condal (Barcelona) on 01 November.


-. Boat rides: if you would like a totally different Halloween experience, be sure to visit Port Vell where various catamaran companies organize boat outings in the evening dedicated to this Anglo-Saxon tradition. You will be able to enjoy about an hour and a half boat ride along the coast of Barcelona, admire the view, and take pictures of the City’s seafront, all in a purely terrifying setting. This is ideal if you have kids as well.

-. Route of the Altars (Ruta de los Altares): if there is a place where the night of the dead is celebrated with special intensity, it is Mexico. One of their most deeply rooted traditions, which has made the leap beyond the boundaries of the Aztec country, involves setting up alters for the dead. Since 2008, the organization Memoria Viva has been hosting the Route of the Alters in Barcelona, involving alters that can be visited at museums, cultural centres, associations, restaurants, bookstores, and bars. Other cities, such as Madrid or New York also take part in the initiative.


-. Don Juan Tenorio: for theatre lovers this is an unmissable event that takes place of 31 October involving Don Juan Tenorio, the famous work of José Zorrilla

which is traditionally held during the night of the dead. If you do not want to miss one of the classics of Spanish theatre, be sure to visit the Romea Theatre where the program is held each year at this time. It is also common for amateur theatre groups or neighbourhood performers to put on the show as well.

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