Apartment for summer in Barcelona

Apartment for summer in BarcelonaAny time of year is good to visit the city, but if you can choose we recommend booking an apartment for the summer in Barcelona. The season of the year in which people and the city are transformed to live to the fullest and enjoy the good weather with a wide range of activities to do. From open-air cinema, to festivals in various neighborhoods of the city, concerts and more activities of all kinds. Then, we will advise you of a followed of corners and things to do during the summer in Barcelona. In addition, it should be mentioned that ClassBedroom offers apartments in the most central areas so that you can enjoy an apartment for the summer in Barcelona and fully accessible to all areas of the city. Finally, here are our tips for enjoying the city for the best dates of the year.

What can you do in an apartment for the summer in Barcelona?

To start strong, we recommend you the cinema outdoors. A followed of concerts, shorts and films of all the times under the sky of Barcelona. From the 30th of June to the 4th of August, in the Montjuic room. You can not miss this unique opportunity to see films that have triumphed so much this year, as La Land, SpotLight, or Captain Fantastic among others. For more information, click here. In addition ClassBedroom has apartments for the summer in Barcelona in the Montjuic district, to make things even easier.

In the morning, the best activities you can do are to lose by the city and the different neighborhoods of which it is formed or go to its splendid beach to cool down a little and get brown. It is worth mentioning that during the second half of August, the celebrations of the neighborhoods of Gracia and Sants are celebrated. In the first one, it is typical to go to see its streets that are totally decorated by the different people who live in the area, afterwards a lottery is done to know which street is the best decorated neighborhood. In the second they also decorate the streets, but it is not so famous, although charm is not lacking. At night, in both neighborhoods are celebrated parties with the best music, concerts and all kinds of activities for children, family and youth. It is worth mentioning that in all the previously mentioned neighborhoods and more on the beach, ClassBedroom offers summer apartment in Barcelona with all the easy access of the world so you can enjoy the city without limits.

You might also be interested in: Tips if you visit Barcelona for the first time.

In addition, Barcelona also offers a wide range of music concerts. Why, what would summer be without music? Nothing. That is why, during the summer months we can listen to singers and music groups in the Sala Apolo and Sala Razzmataz.

Another nice activity to see, are the Magic Fountains of Montjuic, some colorful fountains and accompanied by the best music. You will see how the water of the fountain seems to dance to the sound of music recreating spectacular abstract figures.

Finally, mention that in June is celebrated the day of San Juan. Exactly the night of June 23. At this party, firecrackers are thrown and it is usually celebrated on the beach with bonfires, which then have to jump. Without a doubt, a unique experience that you will love.

So do not hesitate and come and spend the summer in Barcelona. In ClassBedrooms we are looking forward to staying at one of our apartment for the summer in Barcelona.

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5 Tricks to pack

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5 Tricks to pack

5 trucos hacer maletasPack, either because we are going on holiday or because we have to spend time in another city, it is a task that we must perform and for their dedication to be taken. The choice of format baggage and what will take us inside are crucial, because to know about this, we measure the length of stay, place and activities that we perform in it.

Knowing that for many remains a mystery, article then we want to give 5 tricks to pack and so can rest easy thinking just to enjoy your fantastic holiday in cities like Barcelona:

1. Make a list of items

Make a list of things we’re taking is essential for us not forget anything. The preorder and enumeration of content can quite help regarding what we have to add priority and thus we do not forget anything at the last moment.

2. Create outfits

The clothes usually what occupies more space in our suitcase and stacking ensemble is one of the best ideas to not leave us anything. At this point it is important that you always take the more you use or that you think need since anything else will be useless and it is a hole that can leave for more content.

3. Separate liquids

In the event that carry liquid material (perfumes, soaps, etc.) the idea is to separate yourself in a small bag that no type of incident. With even containers tightly closed, there may be a complication and do not want this to spill over into our clothes, books, etc. and cause a disaster.

4. A round with documentation

The documentation should always be with the person to whom it belongs. It is a mistake to bring this kind of papers in the suitcase because they can make needed at any time. ID card, passport (in case necessary) health card, money are elements that best fit in your pocket or in a separate bag.

5. Controlling the weight of luggage

Wear clothes larger volume set is an essential for the luggage in question does not weigh too trick us. Coats, jackets or vests are part of those elements that take up much space and it is always better to go in the case that you do foul outside the luggage.

We hope that with these 5 basic tips make it easier (and faster) to pack for your next trip. If you have any other ideas or easy trick you preparing your luggage do not hesitate to share in the comments section.

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Moving around Barcelona: alternatives to metro

Sometimes the subway can go really full or even collapse at peak (8-9 am), noon or late afternoon hours, as are the times when most people move into their jobs or return home.

If you are also shy away from those travelers who prefer the subway or take alternative transportation where you can go over the surface enjoying the scenery, this article will help you to know different alternatives to move around Barcelona.

  1. Bus: in Barcelona you can find a large fleet of buses that travel throughout the city and the metropolitan area populations. The bus service is made up of a network of buses day and one night, which happens less often and whose tours are limited to the main streets of the city. To use the bus you can use a single ticket, which costs € 2.15, or buy a combined ticket. The cheapest is the 10-trip ticket (T10), at a price of 9.95 €. These combined tickets are also used for other public transport in the city. In the following link you can see the different existing combined tickets on the official website.
  2. Tram: Tram schedule is Monday through Thursday from 5h to 24h, Friday, Saturday and eves from 5h to 2h, and Sunday from 5h to 24h. In August variations usually occur on schedule, so we recommend consulting the official website. In total there are 6 lines, unconnected operating in the north and south of the city. The TRAM does not reach the city center, which will only be useful for equipment moves from areas near the Camp Nou, Diagonal, Clot, Arc de Triomphe or the Diagonal Mar.
  3. Train (Rodalies RENFE): to move you around Barcelona you can also use the train, but you will not find much difference from the metro, as it is also underground and step frequency is much lower.
  4. Bike: a transportation system highly recommended to know the part of the Port, Barceloneta, Passeig Marítim or near Clot or Diagonal Mar. The rest of the city you can also go through the different bike lanes, but the ups and downs no favor the use of this means of transport, especially during the hottest months in the city.
  5. como son los taxis en BarcelonaTaxi: an alternative that you can always pull through. The diferenciaréis of other vegetables easily: black cars with yellow doors. You have only to raise his arm (in advance, otherwise the Taxi will spend long) and soon will have one seconds. If you want me to come to look for a certain place at a certain time you can call the central reservation (you have an App calculates the cost of the journey). You find more information on its website.
  6. Seegway: a new alternative to discover the city. It is more expensive than the above options, but it is something different and that you can be very useful. Currently there are some areas that can not run with Seegway, as is the promenade.
  7. Cable car: only serves to move from the port to the mountain of Montjuic (where you can visit the Estadi Olimpic or MACBA). The views are truly spectacular. The cost is 11 € 16.5 € one way and round trip. You can check timetables on the official website of Telefèrico del Puerto de Barcelona.
  8. Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat: similar to rodalies. It covers a very specific area of Barcelona. It depends what parts you want to visit Barcelona will be useful, but does not cover the areas of greatest tourist demand.
  9. Moto: if you are accustomed to using this mode of transport the bike you can be very useful for Barcelona moved away by an agile and fast. If you did not use the bike you in your everyday life do not recommend you start using it in Barcelona, as there is enough traffic on weekdays and experience may not be as good as you expect.

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Tips if you visit Barcelona for the first time

  1. Visiting Barcelona: we recommend explore the city walking, not from 12:00 to 16:00 on summer, it would be a good idea to get the metro, buses, metro intercity, tram or train (Ferrocarrils of the Generalitat de Catalunya or Rodalies de Catalunya). You can access with a single ticket or buy a combined ticket (T10), a combined ticket multipersonal of 10 trips). The cost is € 9.95, allows a maximum of 4 transfers. If you do not stay in the center pay special attention to the number of zones, as the cost of tickets will increase significantly.
    If you take a Rodalies renfe it probably will be late (from 15 minutes to 1 hour).consejos turismo barcelona
  2. Shedule: in Spain lunch and dinner times are a bit different from the rest of Europe, but in tourist or busiest areas will have no problem to dinner at 19:00 or have lunch at 13:00. In Barcelona use to eat between 14:00 and 15:00 and have dinner between 21:00 and 22: 30.
    Go shopping: stores usually open at 10:00. The local business usually close at noon (14:00) until early afternoon (16-17: 00).
  3. Security: in Barcelona you will find two types of police: Mossos d’Esquadra and Local Police. You may speak to them in any event and under any circumstances. The emergency number in Catalonia is 112.
  4. Currency: The official currency is the euro. If you have not brought enough Euros for your stay in Barcelona you can pay with your credit card in most establishments or change currency at any ATM or exchange (either at the airport or at the Rambla).
  5. Beach: there are a lot of beaches in Barcelona, ??where you will find bars, restaurants and water sports (paddle surfing, jetski, etc). Keep in mind that it is forbidden around the city with naked chest, thus leaving the beach to remember to wear a shirt around the city.

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5 places to visit near Barcelona this summer

1. Sitges
This seaside town located just 30 minutes drive from Barcelona enjoys Only not exceptional but fine sandy beaches that counts with a wide range of leisure and Activity Night. Its beaches Sueli be bastante concurridas if tranquility is what buscas recommend that you visit the beaches of los pueblos neighbors.
2. Girona
This small town has been motorists of the last season of the famous series Games of Thrones. You will read in Girona by train, bus or car (the duration of the Trayecto is approximately 1 hour). In Girona Encontrarás a spacious cultural heritage, sums Jewish Quarter or the old barrio sure os falls. Os highly recommend visiting restaurants on.
3. Parks acuáticos
A visit in the summer. Con el buen tiempo y las Altas temperatures in the months of summer pruning spend a day full of fun in the most famous parks acuáticos:
a. Port Aventura: attractions, Espectáculos and water park. Pruning choose from among the amusement park (with a few spectacular attractions of agua muy recomendables in the months of heat) and the water park. Port Aventura is located in the resort of Salou, located a little further 1 hour trip to Barcelona.
b. Fantasy Island; 30 water park situated just a few minutes from Barcelona. It is not as complete as the Port Aventura Trayecto but is much more short.
4. Tarragona
Coastal city located in the south of Barcelona. It takes approximately 45-50 minutes from Barcelona. It has a rich legacy romano y unas playas spacious and very well equipped.
5. Montserrat
This mountain of 1,236 meters above sea level It has an easy access by car or train (pruning volver a cog railway to the summit claim). The views are spectacular from the sanctuary. The route also Ascenso se puede hacer, pero con cuidado no hacerlo if acostumbrado cierta steel sport with regularity. Once deberia visit the great monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat.

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A romantic weekend for two in Barcelona

escapada-romantica-barcelonaAn increasingly popular option when making a romantic gift that is becoming popular in recent months is a romantic getaway weekend to Barcelona. In other cases it is a brief parenthesis in a journey of longer duration, stopping at Barcelona during the honeymoon before going to the final destination.

Why Barcelona can make your romantic weekend unforgettable? A stay in one of our apartments overlooking the most emblematic places of the city will make the evenings or mornings are unique, bright apartments with terraces to enjoy the light and magic of the city with maximum comfort and comfort.

If what you seek is a more dynamic environment, near the sea, sun and beach we recommend our apartments in Barceloneta, an old district of fishermen in the maritime essence still breathes. You find beach bars and many restaurants with the best seafood in town.

If you want a bucolic setting near the main shopping areas of the city we recommend our apartments near Ramblas and the Gothic. One of the busiest areas of the city, but also one of the most spectacular: its streets and medieval buildings make this part of Barcelona a different and magical place. We invite you to wander through its streets and venturing to try different restaurants in the area. You’ll love.

If what you want is to enjoy the city in a quieter environment can choose our apartments in the district of Sarria – Sant Gervasi. You will be very near the Tibidabo mountain, offering spectacular views of the city and stunning sunsets (not miss the sunset from the Turo de la Rovira.

Finally, if you want a cozy place with stunning views for your romantic getaway we recommend our Montjuic apartments, some apartments overlooking the MNAC and very close to the Font Magica.

The city offers endless opportunities for your romantic plan, discover the different magical places of the city and pick up one of our appartments to enjoy the better places of the city.

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The main beaches of Barcelona and surroundings

playas barcelonaIn Barcelona city can find a total of 9 beaches, we can say that are not very different but what if varies considerably is the influx to each of them. If you are visiting Barcelona you can not miss:

Barceloneta beach: is one of the largest beaches in Barcelona. This is one of the busiest beaches due to its location (it is the most central) and one that has better communication by public transport. You can get there by bus, metro or by tram. On the beach of Barceloneta you will find beach bars, sports areas, showers and public toilets.
Nova Icària Beach: Located next to the Olympic port, can be reached by public transport or after a walk along the promenade. Is the beach that has more sports facilities (especially beach volleyball courts).


Playa Mar Bella: this beach of “recent” creation born in the 1.992 result of urban redevelopment suffered Barcelona for the Olympic Games. This beach has a nudist space and a water sports area.

Nova Mar Bella Beach: born at the same time and the result of the same remodeling the beach of Mar Bella. It is a beach that many people do not go and find a little more quiet than in the Playa de la Mar Bella.

Bogatell Beach: beach, which was restored in the 90s will find many people, but not to the levels of the Barceloneta beach.

Less than 40 minutes from Barcelona beaches can also be found that will impact their beauty or tranquility in one of them. Let us begin:

Sitges: a special location, beach and mountains come together leaving a landscape that is unmatched. Its main beaches are very busy, but if ye movéis by the coves you will find very quiet places where you will be able to relax and enjoy the sea breeze. It can be reached by car or train. The way in both cases does not exceed 40 minutes.

Mataro: Maresme capital, was the last stop of the first via railway of Spain. In this town north of Barcelona you will find great splayas sand and chrirnguitos that will make you enjoy your days at the beach. Also in the port area you can enjoy a wide variety in terms of restoration is concerned.

Playa Port Forum. A peculiar beach, close to Barcelona (just 10 minutes from Clot station is a unique place, where are the mouth of the River Besos, a large green gardens and large metal structures and chimneys (which surely’ve ever seen in typical photos of the city). it is not one of the most beautiful, but if you have time and I like to enjoy the city by bike a ride along the coast we recommend, departing from the beach of Barceloneta . If you get tired, just around you you can always come back with the train or tram.

These are some of the beaches on the Barcelona coastline, we will be revealing more this summer

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Festival of Sant Joan in Barcelona 2016

san juan 2016 barcelonaThe night of San Juan is one of the most special nights of the year, the summer solstice, not only for being the shortest, but by the number of parties, bonfires, local festivals and traditions.

Verbena San Juan, for many a magical and special night: jump bonfires, spells, firecrackers, community dinners outdoors, beach parties until dawn, music, dances and popular festivities.

In this article we explain how to squeeze the most of the night of San Juan in Barcelona.

One of the most famous festivals is the Flame of Canigó, reaching the Plaza de Sant Jaume, where are the representatives of local authorities of each district, responsible for collecting the fire to ignite bonfires throughout the city.

Here we explain the different festivals that are held in different districts of Barcelona for this San Juan 2016:

  • Sarria-Sant Gervasi: can go to dinner at a popular Orlandai House.
    Ciutat Vella, one of the most important holidays is receiving the flame of Canigó in PlaçaSantJaume. We may also find various bonfires distributed by district
  • Ciutat Vella. In the Rabal we can find bonfires, sung Havaneres, popular dinner and bonfire with mobile disco. In Barceloneta we find a bonfire in the Plaza del Poeta Boscà.
  • Eixample: total can find 6 verbenas in the Eixample district. If you have desire to explore we recommend you to venture to visit more than one.
  • Gràcia: over 15 bonfires scattered throughout the district, one of the most active in this type of festivities. We recommend that the party that is mounted on the square Anna Frank not miss. If you have time, do not quitéis Gracia vuestr radar, and that 15 to 21 August Festes de Gràcia, an unmissable event in Barcelona are organized.
  • Sants-Montjuic: Diables, dinners, dances, music and bonfires, endless activities in civic centers and casinos. Maybe not one of the most popular districts to San Juan, but is characterized by its neighborhood organization.
  • Sant Martí: more than 12 fires flood the district, we recommend you visit the center of Parc del Poble Nou.
  • Sant Andreu: from 6 d ela later find activities for the little ones, in this case at Plaça del Congrés. Timbalers, correfocs, parties and music will flood the district.
  • Horta-Guinardó 10 fires burned during the night of San Juan. Getting lost in one of the most authentic districts of Barcelona.

Here are some of our proposals, if you just fit forever and ever can go to one of the large parties that are made on the beaches of Barcelona coastline, or the more famous nightclubs of Barcelona, ??organized special parties for San Juans night.

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Get an 8% off on your next booking

During this month of June we want to reward the loyalty of our customers : if you make a second booking with us we offer extra 8% discount. You only have to fill this short form on our Facebook page.

Once you’ve done we will send to your email the coupon code so you can apply this discount on your next booking.

Take advantage of this discount and enjoy Barcelona at the best price!

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Halloween 2015 in Barcelona: 6 plans for a fright-filled weekend!

Every year when 31 October comes around, a series of strange and sinister characters (zombies, monsters, witches, etc.) begin to emerge from their lairs and take to the streets of towns and cities. It is also a night when the little ones go door to door collecting candy and repeating the famous phrase “Trick or Treat” to get favours from the neighbours. Yes, we are talking about Halloween, and though it is neither a Spanish nor Catalan tradition, Barcelona is no exception and what for many is the scariest night of the year comes to life. If you want to celebrate this holiday in Ciudad Condal (Barcelona), take note of some of the best plans for experiencing a fright-filled Halloween in Barcelona:


-. Castañada: for those who love local traditions as well as those who are not terribly fond of celebrations imported from the Anglo-Saxon world, the Castañada (or Castanyada in Catalan) is the best alternative for the night of 31 October. It consists of gatherings of family or friends to dine and try typically autumnal dishes, like roasted chestnuts (Castañada derives from the Spanish word for chestnut), sweet potatoes, or traditional Panellets, a sweet dish made with almond and sugar and formed into small balls. In its original version, these balls were coated with pine nuts and eaten cold after a light baking. However, over the years panellets have evolved and now at any pastry shop in Barcelona we can find them in a wide variety of  flavours, ranging from quince to chocolate or strawberry. If you are in Barcelona, be sure to try these small autumn snacks. You should have a chance to do so, for example, at some of the popular parties that take place on this night, since most neighbourhoods organize their own Castañadas at public parks, gardens, or civic centres as in the case of La Marina (in Sants-Montjuic where you can find a wide range of flats), which celebrates the event in the Can Ferrero Gardens.

-. Night of Souls (Noche de Almas): it is with this gloomy name that many areas of Barcelona refer to their activities to celebrate Halloween. In Nou Barris, for example, their party agenda (which starts on 17 October) includes workshops for make-up and horror prosthesis, a terrifying parade, a tunnel of fear, and a guided tour under the name “Ghosts of Barcelona”.  In Les Corts, they also refer to their celebrations as “Night of Souls“. In this case, the planned events include a torch-lit stroll, a performance by Diables, and a popular dinner event.

-. Halloween Parties:  virtually every club in the city dedicate the night of 31 October (as well as the nights before and after in some cases) to throwing Halloween parties where the costumes, make-up, and most sinister of decorations are the main attractions. The ElRow nightclub, with locations in Ibiza, Barcelona, and Madrid, hosts its popular Halloween party in Ciudad Condal (Barcelona) on 01 November.


-. Boat rides: if you would like a totally different Halloween experience, be sure to visit Port Vell where various catamaran companies organize boat outings in the evening dedicated to this Anglo-Saxon tradition. You will be able to enjoy about an hour and a half boat ride along the coast of Barcelona, admire the view, and take pictures of the City’s seafront, all in a purely terrifying setting. This is ideal if you have kids as well.

-. Route of the Altars (Ruta de los Altares): if there is a place where the night of the dead is celebrated with special intensity, it is Mexico. One of their most deeply rooted traditions, which has made the leap beyond the boundaries of the Aztec country, involves setting up alters for the dead. Since 2008, the organization Memoria Viva has been hosting the Route of the Alters in Barcelona, involving alters that can be visited at museums, cultural centres, associations, restaurants, bookstores, and bars. Other cities, such as Madrid or New York also take part in the initiative.


-. Don Juan Tenorio: for theatre lovers this is an unmissable event that takes place of 31 October involving Don Juan Tenorio, the famous work of José Zorrilla

which is traditionally held during the night of the dead. If you do not want to miss one of the classics of Spanish theatre, be sure to visit the Romea Theatre where the program is held each year at this time. It is also common for amateur theatre groups or neighbourhood performers to put on the show as well.

In addition, we give you 10 % of discount for your reservation with date of entry until December 31, 2015, as long as do it before the night of Halloween (October 31, 2015)!

It uses this code of discount and takes advantage of this great discount, also valid to spend the Christmas in Barcelona: FCBK2015

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The 10 best cocktail bars in Barcelona

Tom Cruise became the perfect barman in the movie Cocktail while Sarah Jessica Parker had the characteristic habit of ordering a different cocktail in every episode of Sex in New York. Cocktails have always been fashionable and summer is the perfect occasion to sample one or two. With or without alcohol, the most important thing is to daringly and successfully mix a variety of different drinks and flavours, often including fruit juices or even milk and honey among the ingredients.     

The sex appeal of ordering a San Francisco or the timeless pleasure of a well prepared Bloody Mary, consumed in elegant and sophisticated surroundings, are ensuring that the cocktail bars of Barcelona are enjoying the good times. The range of mixed drinks currently in vogue is ever increasing and we are seeing a boom in specialist establishments that have turned preparing a drink into an art form.     .

Here is a list of some of the best known cocktail bars around Barcelona

1. MILANO COCTELERÍA – This bar, with its decor reminiscent of a movie location, is inspired by the classic cocktail bars of recent history. Red sofas and a retro feel that reminds us of 50’s film noire invite you to sit and relax with a long drink among friends.


2. DRY MARTINI – A shrine to the art of the cocktail, where the bar staff compete to mix your drink with the appropriate degree of style and professional flair. This is not any old bar and the preparation of your choice of cocktail is not a matter to be taken lightly. Dry Martini has now provided the benchmark for the best cocktail bars in Barcelona over many years.

3. TWIST – Simplicity made into a bar. This venue in Sarría has bravely resisted the pervasive gentrification of this traditional neighbourhood. With its unpretentious and basic surroundings, Twist still offers a variety of attractions, including live acoustic sets and courses in cocktail mixing.

negroni-cocteleria -barcelona

4. NEGRONI – A young but demanding clientele is the key to this venue. Negroni is a classic cocktail bar par excellence, which nevertheless provides a warm and relaxed environment where you can enjoy some of the best mixed drinks in town without too much damage to your pocket. Excellent value and comfortable surroundings -what more could one ask?

5. TORRE ROSA – Spectacular open air terrace bar and an emblematic and unforgettable venue. Specializing in rums, they will personally explain the best way to stir the perfect Mojito. Now in its 22nd year, this marvellous cocktail bar offers an experience not to be missed.

cocteleria ginger barcelona

6. GINGER – Another location straight out of a gangster movie. The spherical wooden bar is perhaps its most iconic feature. Opened in 1978, it is considered one of the finest cocktail bars in the world.

7. WHY NOTWhy Not has now established itself as one of the most popular establishments in the Eixample Derecho district, although it first opened its doors less than a year ago. This success is the result of the well prepared and original list of cocktails and its chic and stylish decor.

8. TAHITÍ – Constantly in competition with the previously listed Negroni, which it faces on the same block, the key players in this venue are without question the barmen themselves. With their slicked back hair and skinny ties they will serve the perfect cocktail as if presenting you with a block of gold.

9. AIGUA DEL CARMEN – Don’t let the name deceive you. This premium cocktail bar located in Eixample employs the name of a famous tonic remedy to suggest the heavenly healing properties you will experience after one of their creations. This age old medicinal drink is served with lemon juice, sugar, apple liqueur, ginger and blue Curacao and will be ready and waiting for you – whether as the perfect afterwork refresher following a stressful day, or to kick off a wild Saturday night. Good health.

10. TANDEM – What first seems a discrete and refined venue is in fact an exquisite cocktail bar. Young barmen with a classic look mix all types of cocktails with professional precision. Mojitos, Blue Hawaiis, Daiquiris, Caipirinhas… there’s no need to try them all on the first night. Less is more. Relax and allow yourself to be seduced by the apparent austerity of the surroundings.

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Up in the Sky: Summer Terrace Bars in Barcelona

Barcelona has always led the way in modern lifestyle and fashion. One of the latest trends has been the rise in terrace cocktail bars and restaurants with spectacular views over the city – literally venues for high fliers. The arrival of summer is synonymous with spending more time outdoors, and both visitors and locals flock to the numerous open air spaces on offer around Barcelona to sit and share a drink with friends.

On these warm summer evenings, a host of terraces and bars are opening their doors to those looking for an exclusive location to enjoy a relaxing cocktail after work or a busy day spent walking around the sights of Barcelona. Many of these venues are now competing to see which can offer the best views from high above the city streets.

Here is a selection of five of the best terrace bars for enjoying a civilized and relaxed drink or bite to eat around the city of Barcelona:

Terrat del Drac

  • La Casa Batlló– One of the most distinctive and artistic of Antoni Gaudí’s architectural masterpieces is the perfect summer location to chill out and relax for a while in the heart of the city. With views over the Paseo de Gracia, the Terrat del Drac rooftop bar offers both great food and live music in incomparable surroundings. A whole range of artists will keep you entertained with Blues, Soul, and Spanish Guitar every Wednesday to Saturday evening from June through to September.


  • Xiringuito Escribà– The Escribá family originally became famous as patisserie chefs, but have long since branched out. In 1992 Joan Escribà launched their range of paellas in time for the Barcelona Olympics and this particular venue has been hugely popular ever since. Jutting out over the sea, the open air bar and restaurant provides an oasis for those wishing to end their day with a spectacular dessert or cooling drink. A perfect start or finish to your visit to the la Barceloneta beach.


  • Martínez – With views over the port of Barcelona and renowned for its speciality anchovies, Martínez is a sure bet for those looking for great food and a warm welcome. The terrace is open all year round and flourishes in the summer months. The set menu is excellent value at 40 Euros. With a lively atmosphere and very reasonable prices, what more could you ask for?


  • La Guingueta de la Barceloneta– In Barcelona the beach bars are no strangers to Michelin Star cuisine, as internationally renowned chef Carles Abellán has amply demonstrated. The master of the grill has two establishments on the Barceloneta offering a new take on classic staples such as sausages and sangria. Lunch at the beach does not have to mean the usual picnic or fast food options!
  • Coctelería Merbeyé– OK so perhaps Tibidabo is to not the easiest place to reach, but it is certainly worth the effort. At the Merbeyé cocktail bar they know how to reward those who make the trip. The combination of superb views over the city skyline and perfectly prepared cocktails are their best weapons. This venue recently celebrated its 30th anniversary but remains as fresh and youthful as ever. With live DJs and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, you’ll find everything you need.

Summer is here and the city’s bars and restaurants have all opened their doors for the season. Come along and enjoy!

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Summer in the City? Some of the best leisure & entertainment ideas in Barcelona

Spend summer in the city?  The answer is a big YES!  Especially if we’re talking a city as lively and dynamic as Barcelona, where the vast range of possibilities available throughout the rest of the year are suddenly multiplied tenfold with the arrival of the fine weather, encouraging us to get out and enjoy the streets, squares and open spaces to the full.


If you are planning to spend a few days in the City of Barcelona this summer, here are just a few suggestions from the numerous options for fun and entertainment on offer over the season.   No visit would be complete without experiencing some of these summer attractions:


-. Cinema a la Fresca de Montjuïc: Open air cinema under the skies of Barcelona. What more could you ask? Between the 3rd July and the 7th August you can enjoy a selection of some of the best movies of all time accompanied by concerts, picnics and short film shows. Enjoy this unique experience every, Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the Santa Eulalia Moat of the Montjuïc Castle.

-. Festival Jardins de Pedralbes: The Pedralbes Castle was a gift from the wealthy burghers of Cataluña to the King of Spain in the early 20th century.  It is a large estate in the heights of the city, characterised by its splendid gardens as well as the palace itself. This impressive open air venue will play host, up until the 10th July, to a range of concerts including artists such as the Pet Shop Boys, Anastacia, Mika and the one and only Bob Dylan.

-. Festa Major de Gràcia: if there is one neighbourhood that best symbolizes popular street culture in Barcelona it has to be Gràcia. The traditional local fiestas have become one of the most colourful and well visited annual events in the city. Between the 15th to the 21st of August this area comes alive with a whole panorama of live music, street parties, processions, entertainers, dancing and activities for kids…All taking place in a neighbourhood proudly adorned for the occasion, with prizes awarded for the best decorations. Many other neighbourhoods such as Sants, although perhaps not quite as spectacular, also organize local fiestas which are not to be missed.

-. Festival Grec: The Barcelona Grec Festival is one of the most popular dates on the calendar for all fans of Theatre, Dance, Music and Circus. A fantastic way to spend a summer evening with unforgettable entertainers performing in the superb surroundings of the Teatre Grec in Montjuïc, an open air theatre built for the 1929 Universal Exhibition.

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Have you ever taken a drink in an Ice Bar? Do it in Barcelona

When summer arrives it’s difficult to find sites chilly, but not only does ICE BAR chilly, really, it is very cold AND COOL!!!. To enter you must book in advance as they have to provide you with warm clothing. It is a bar located near the Casino of Barcelona, near the Olympic Village.


The curiosity of this bar, ice bar, is that the entire bar is a giant refrigerator. Even the glasses are ice.

An amazing feeling you can not miss.

Phone for reservations: 93 224 1625

Web: IceBar

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The Gràcia Festival: the history of the ‘Village of Barcelona’

“Whoever lives in Gràcia, becomes part of Gràcia”. This is a well known local saying, and like most common expressions, for good or bad, it is essentially based on truth. The residents of the Gràcia neighbourhood tend to have lived there for their whole lives, with the few exceptions of those who have fallen in love with the area and recently decided to make it their home.

Gràcia is affectionately known as the pueblo or village of Barcelona, and back in 1820 it was, in fact, an independent municipality separate from the city. This small village was made up of an area of farmhouses in the Camp d’en Grassot. Many years later, the neighbourhood was obliged to reach a statutory minimum of streets in order to be granted autonomous municipal status – which explains why many of the streets to this day suddenly change names on a corner for no apparent reason.

In spite of the dubious effects of town planning developments which have divided public opinion for years, Gràcia still preserves much of its unique identity and the community feel which characterized its beginnings.

One of the best known attractions of the Gràcia neighbourhood is its street festival or Fiestas Mayores held every year in August. The event began in homage to the local patron saint, San Isidro, who is traditionally celebrated on the 15th May. However the date was subsequently changed to the 15th August, which is a national holiday throughout Spain.  From around 1890 through to 1960 the tradition of decorating all the streets in the neighbourhood grew in popularity. The celebrations then fell into decline for a period – until the 1980´s when the Fiestas saw resurgence thanks to the efforts of the locals and the legalization of street parties and organized concerts and dances in the town squares. Diapositiva2 (2)

The essence of the neighbourhood, local pride and community spirit is now fully reflected in the street decorations. Every August the area comes alive with an influx of both domestic and foreign tourists as well as the locals who flock to the `village of Barcelona´ to enjoy the atmosphere and spectacle. It is an event not to be missed.

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The Five Best Beaches in Barcelona!

A waiter gracefully dodges his way through packed tables bearing a dish of paella, a tourist couple enjoy a conversation, with their cheeks rosy from the sun and that air of relaxed wellbeing that only holidays can provide. Next to them some young men are laughing and chatting away, while they enjoy a gin tonic and discrete glances over towards a group of girls sunbathing on the sand…three stories which are intertwined. These are all daily scenes at any of the open-air bars along the urban beaches of Barcelona.

One should never forget that, in addition to its wealth of cultural heritage and cosmopolitan feel, there is another side of Barcelona to be enjoyed; namely its spectacular maritime façade and beaches, almost neglected for years – but which have been revitalized to great effect over recent years.

Enjoy a day of sea and sunshine in Barcelona:

If you are thinking of visiting the city, don’t miss out on a stroll along the spectacular seafront. Here are some of the finest beaches where you can enjoy a day of sea and sunshine in Barcelona:

-. La Barceloneta: Probably the oldest and most famous of Barcelona’s beaches, la Barceloneta has become a symbol of the city’s relationship with the sea. It offers a wide expanse of sand with a friendly and lively atmosphere (and is easy to reach with a convenient metro station). There is also a whole range of beach Barcelonetabars and modern open air restaurants available for all tastes and budgets, including establishments run by some of the city’s most prestigious chefs, such as La Guingueta de la Barceloneta belonging to Carles Abellán.  The area attracts a young and cosmopolitan crowd out to enjoy the sun and the waves.

-. Nova Icària: Located next to the Olympic Port, this beach is a little quieter than La Barceloneta and is popular with families with children. There are plenty of sports facilities available, including volleyball nets and ping pong tables, as well as a number of beach restaurants.

-. Sant Sebastià: Without doubt one of the oldest and most traditional Barcelona beaches (together with la Barceloneta), also famous for its well established sports clubs and popular with a slightly older crowd. However the construction of the Hotel Vela has provided a new skyline over recent years and a more modern feel.

-. Bogatell: The Bogatell beach (in the Poblenou neighbourhood) witnessed a major change thanks to the urban development in the wake of the 1992 Olympic Games, when Barcelona really began to open up its maritime possibilities. Since then it has become a very popular location, with good facilities and communications (parking areas and bicycle paths), and a range of bars and restaurants for all tastes, including the most sophisticated.

-. Mar Bella / Nova Mar Bella: An area of the city that has also been revitalized since the Olympics, la Mar Bella and la Nova Mar Bella have now become two of Barcelona’s most popular beaches.  They tend to attract a young crowd, with plenty of tourists and a lively atmosphere. There are numerous sports facilities available, several beach clubs, plenty of bars and a thriving nightlife.

Choices for all tastes and everything you could wish for – so why not come and spend a few days of sun and sand and just RELAX in full.


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Sonar 2015 or When Electronic Music Takes Over Barcelona

Music, creativity, and technology. With these three words, the Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art in Barcelona, Sonar, defines its essence and starts heating up for its 2015 edition, which will take place June 18-20, dates to mark in red on your calendar or to program for an alarm on your smartphone. However you do it, for all of you lovers of electronic music, it’s an appointment you won’t want to miss.

Strong British Accent

This year’s edition, which comes on strong when we look at the names on the marquee, includes more than 150 performances between Sónar de Día (Dream by Day) and Soñar de Noche (Dream by Night). From mythical British pop scene groups, such as the famous Duran Duran, to the also British The Chemical Brothers, a landmark group and one of the most sought after at festivals around the world, which will present its new, highly innovative show with filmmaker Adam Smith, a surprising mix of film and sound elements. Also expected is another British milestone-making musical team for this genre, Autechre, the duo that revolutionized the world of abstract electronics and which has not performed at Sonar since 1996.

In fact, all of these make up the main course for the marked British accent at this year’s edition of the festival, which also will give a wink to grime, the UK cocktail Garage, Danceball and Hip Hop that emerged from the working class neighborhoods of Eastside London at the turn of the century. One of the electronic musical styles emerging fastest now with such names as The Bug, Skepta and JME, Mumdance and Novelist, are all slated to appear at Sónar de Día, which will take place at the Fira de Montjuïch fair exhibition center, close to Plaza España.

Sónar de Día

But Sónar de Día holds many more surprises, such as the last minute inclusion on the marquee of such names as Owen Pallet, Canadian composer and instrumentalist who combines keyboards and a violin filtered through all types of special effects and pedals, and Arthur Baker, a key figure for Electro and the first Hip Hop in Nueva York, who, besides performing at Sónar de Día, will present his latest documentary at the session entitled Sonar+D.

Sónar de Noche

If Sónar de Día looks promising, Sónar de Noche (ideal for people who like to be out and about at night, and for those who can’t imagine attending a concert in the daytime), which will be held at the Fira Gran Vía fair exhibition center, appears just as exciting. Besides Duran Duran and The Chemical Brothers, the nighttime festival slate includes such names as Skrillex, Seth Troxler, Die Antwood, Roisín Murphy and Siriusmodeselektor, among others

Music, creativity, multimedia performances… a surefire cocktail for success since, in addition, we include the incomparable setting of the amazing city of Barcelona. You surely won’t miss it, will you?

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Routes around Montserrat: nature, hiking and culture

When good weather arrives, one feels like going out, enjoying the mild temperatures, and taking walks outdoors, and if the people with us are amenable, well, even better. To this end, we have several tourist routes and short trips around Barcelona to recommend to you, routes that hiking and nature lovers won’t want to miss, and so, we focus on Montserrat, one of the most beautiful and symbolic natural areas in  Cataluña. Take note if you are planning to spend a few days in Barcelona:

El camino de las Aigues

-. The Road to Aigües: This is a spectacular route that links the town of Monistrol (located just 30 kilometers from Barcelona) to Abadía de Montserrat, the entire trajectory offering views of the mountain that bears the same name. The route sets off from the Font Gran Plaza in Monistrol and penetrates the mountain following roads and trails, offering outstanding panoramic views.  It is, indeed, an excellent route for taking photographs and enjoying the beauty of our surroundings as we walk along.

-. From the Plain of the Tarantulas to the Sant Joan Lookout: This is a good walk to take if we are traveling with children or persons who aren’t used to long mountain hikes, since it is a relatively easy trajectory.  We have to climb up 100 meters to arrive at the lookout where the cable car station is located.

-. Santa Cova Route:  Winding around the mountain, this route allows us to enjoy the spectacular view, and observe one of the best sets of outdoor modern statues before reaching Santa Cova (a stone-covered chapel where, according to legend, the Virgin of Montserrat appeared).

-. From the Sanctuary to  Santa Cecilia:  This is a longer route which also traverses a lot of unequal terrain as it runs along the northwest edge of the mountain range, providing  spectacular views.

And if we prefer to walk? Ideas for lazy folks

-.The Cremallera:  For those who can’t or would rather not take a hiking route over the mountain, another option is to take public transport to Monistrol (from Barcelona, boarding a Ferrocarils de la Generalitat train at the  Plaza España station- trains leave every hour-  and, once there, take the  Cremallera, a light-rail train that travels back and forth from this town to the monastery, over a rise of 600 meters.  The trajectory, which covers five kilometers, takes 15 minutes and allows passengers to fully enjoy the mountainside and its spectacular views.  A great place to get out your camera and immortalize the moment with a good selfie.

cremallera de montserrat

-. The Cable Car:  Another option for lazy folks is the cable car- Funicular.  This cable car, covering two routes (The Cova and Sant Joan) is one of the oldest forms of transportation ( built in 1930) and one of the quickest ways to reach Montserrat, since it scales the mountain over a rise of 1350 meters in just 5 minutes.  In addition, it gives us a bird’s eye view of the mountain.  If you’re afraid of heights, don’t try this one.

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Barceloneta: a neighborhood with a spirit you’ll fall in love with

“Full of character, fried fish, and lots of street life”.  This is how dozens of tourists who decide to spend part of their summer vacations in the area define it.  It’s no wonder that this fishing neighborhood, the most famous of its kind in Barcelona, is one of our most visited tourist attractions.  It must be because of its years of history, its diversity, and its generations and cultures.  The fact is, Barceloneta, makes people fall in love with it.


Nuria walks steadily along.  She is carrying, as the saying goes, ‘a loaf of bread in the hook of her arm’. And, just as she’s been doing for almost sixty years, she comes to pick up a loaf of bread at the Baluard oven, famous for the long lines that form at its doors, always crowds of people waiting to try its bread baked in wood-burning ovens. Nuria is ‘native-born in Barceloneta and I’ll never live anywhere else’. She raised her three children during the transition time the neighborhood (her neighborhood) has been experiencing, from being a working-class neighborhood to the marine, cosmopolitan neighborhood it is now.

The streets smell of gazpacho and of the sea, and the terraces are at their height.

The hoteliers and restaurateurs of the area are overworked, without fixed hours, but they know that this is the time of year when they must stick it out and wait for the calm winter season.  Beneath the awnings at Pep’s bar, space is happily shared between a group of French youth who are drinking strong coffee and a few people who live on  del Mar Street, who enjoy sitting in the shade and lunching on a bikini and a nice cold beer, well-known as a good Barcelona vermouth’.

The neighborhood of Barceloneta proudly takes charge of eliminating all prejudices and clichés from the mind of the tourist. This area, bohemian and Mediterranean, is just a step away from the most well-known beach of the city and offers unlimited shellfish restaurants and tapas bars to the delight of foreigners who come to visit the neighborhood.


Gaining terrain from the sea in 1477, the neighborhood was built on top of sediments that had solidified, but they were only able put up buildings of no more two stories. This look of a small village sitting within the city continues to impress today since small houses still predominate on many streets of the area.

Platja de la Barceloneta

The neighbors have always known how to benefit themselves from this alliance with the sea, and they pride themselves on finding their neighborhood mentioned in the most popular tourist guides for the Catalan capital.  Barceloneta takes advantage of the marine leit motiv that weaves through all its streets and restaurants, and is known for serving the best rice and fish dishes, and creating delights for tourists eager to enjoy the best of Mediterranean gastronomy.

In this very village-like neighborhood, small businesses still hold out and neighbors manage to look out to the sea, ignoring the big city that looms behind them.

Located near the city of this this great city, Barceloneta appears like an asphalt oasis welcoming all and encouraging integration between tourists and the locals who have lived there all their lives.

LOS COROS MUDOS ‘The Silent Choirs’: the festival of Barceloneta

The familiar warm ambiance that unites all the neighbors of Barceloneta becomes even more marked when the neighborhood celebrates its three day festival.  What people affectionately refer to as “silent choirs” is a leisurely, recreational celebration of a humoristic nature.  Groups of people from the area with no professional musical background, practice for months in order to present theatrical works on the Saturday before Whit Sunday (Pentecost) where the most important thing is to have a good time and satirize society.

This festival, which identifies with brotherhood and family, is known as the silent choirs because it has nothing in common with professional choirs and musicians.  Barceloneta has a lot of the sea in it, and even more art.  To understand it, you have to live it.

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Barcelona turns up the volume!

The 15th Primavera Sound is here, the urban festival which brings together 20,000 fans of pop, rock and underground.


Spring’s here and it comes with longer days, more light and a fistful of allergies. Also “operation bikini” is gathering pace (Goodness me, this year I’m not going to have a six-pack either!) and the change of wardrobe is giving quite a few a headache. “Spring fever” goes the saying. And once again popular wisdom hits the nail on the head. As far as the city of Barcelona is concerned, it looks like it’s going to be a hectic month of May. Very hectic!

On 28th the 15th Primavera Sound kicks off, the urban festival par excellence, which kicks off all of the other music festivals which will be held throughout Spain in the summer months. But because music is not just for summer, Primavera Sound takes responsibility for getting the ball rolling by bringing the elite from the pop, rock and underground panorama.


Bursting at the seams

On the weekend of 28 May it is highly likely that Barcelona will be, as they say, putting up the “No Vacancies” sign. At the same time as the Primavera Sound, which moves about 20,000 electronic music fans, the football cup final (copa del Rey) is going to be played in the Camp Nou between Barça and Athletic.

During these days leisure in general, and particularly sport and music, are going to come together in the city of modernism. The concerts by Richie Hawtin, Black Keys and Swans will open for the main concerts by the Strokes and Patti Smith. The Parc del Fórum in Barcelona will be a non-stop party where the mix between cultures and styles is guaranteed, and this is also one of the attractions offered by the festival. The Primavera Sound, well-known for having received over fifteen years renowned groups like the Pet Shop Boys, The Cure or Lou Reed, is proud of uniting public from different generations and having concerts by groups to the liking of both parents and their children.

So, as they say, prevention is better than cure. Be prepared and get your travel tickets as soon as possible and also your accommodation in Barcelona.

You can’t be a traitor if you give a warning!

Apto cerca CampNou

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Sant Jordi: A legend of dragons, knights and princesses

According to legend a dragon arrived at the medieval town of Montblanc, terrorizing the locals and devouring everything to eat for miles around.

Once the colossal beast had finally exhausted the town’s food supplies, the people were left with no choice but to sacrifice human victims from among the inhabitants to feed the monster and keep it at bay. All their names, including those of the king and his daughter, the princess, were placed in a large pot, and lots were drawn each day to decide who would die the following morning.

Eventually the evening came when the name of the princesses was picked to be delivered up for her cruel fate at the hands of the dragon the next day.

Some recount how the king broke down in tears and begged his subjects to spare his daughter, while others maintain that he sadly handed her over, resigned to the fact that he was not the only father to suffer such a tragic loss.   Either way, the young girl dutifully walked out from the walls of the town to meet her sorry end.

On her way to the dragon’s cave, the she encountered a knight on a white horse who proceeded to slay the dragon with his sword and rescue the princess from her fate.

Some say the dragon melted away and was absorbed into the earth. Others tell of a large pool of the lifeless dragon’s blood which formed at the knight’s feet and from which a beautiful red rose was born, which the knight Jordi (Jorge, Giorgius or George as he is also known), then handed to the princess.

Naturally this act won the hearts and admiration of the townsfolk and the legend of the brave knight circulated throughout the middle ages, with the result that Sant Jordi (Saint George) became the favourite patron saint of chivalry and nobility.

We do not known for certain when the tradition of presenting roses on the day of Sant Jordi first began. However there are 15th Century records in Barcelona of the noble custom of attending mass at the chapel of Sant Jordi, in the Palace of the Generalitat, while during the same period the Fira de Roses (Festival of the Roses) was held in the square; a time when men would give gifts of roses as a sign of their love – a precursor of Saint Valentine’s Day.

Whatever the case, thanks to the legend the rose is now permanently associated with  Sant Jordi, and every 23rd of April roses are given out to commemorate the supposed death of this brave knight, together with an ear of corn (the symbol of fertility).

In 1996, UNESCO declared the 23rd April as World Book Day and it is now customary to also gift a book.  Every year the streets and squares of Cataluña are filled with market stalls and vendors offering books and roses as presents for your loved one.

In the town of Montblanc, the picturesque scene of this tale, the Semana Medieval  (Medieval Week) is held every year. This spectacular and internationally renowned historic pageant has now been officially declared a National Tourist Festival both in Cataluña and by the Spanish Government.

A fantastic occasion for visiting Barcelona and enjoying the celebrations for one of the world’s best loved traditional stories.

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There’s no need to wait for Valentine’s Day to surprise your loved one by taking them out to a fine restaurant or a lively tapas bar. In fact just about any occasion is right for enjoying the many exciting places to eat around Barcelona.

One of the best ways to get to know our regional capital is through its famous cuisine, and once you decide to spend a few days here you are bound to ask the question: where are the best places to dine out in Barcelona?

We have come up with a few recommendations that we hope will both meet your budget and satisfy your taste buds – while also offering a few surprises for the enjoyment of you and your companions.

El Toc de Gràcia.

Gràcia is one of the city’s most colourful and picturesque neighbourhoods, traditionally popular with artists and noted for the slightly bohemian atmosphere of its eating and drinking establishments. It is an ideal location for spending a few days in Barcelona and passing the time amongst the locals.

Among the numerous traditional attractions of the area, the El Toc de Gracia, with its elegant and inviting decor, is the perfect place to enjoy the best Mediterranean cuisine in Barcelona.

The restaurant is divided into individual dining areas perfectly designed for the optimum comfort during your meal whatever the occasion – whether it’s a business lunch, a romantic dinner for two or an informal get together with a group of friends.

From the a la carte menu, we would personally recommend the salmon chunks marinated in miso and dill, the hake served with trinxat (potato cake) and to finish, the lemon cream with red fruit coulis and a chocolate and pistachio crust.

Comida Toc de Gracia


But these are only a couple of suggestions from the mouth watering selection on offer. (We have included the Menu here ), or if you are eating as a group why not try the special Group menu at €24.95 per head.

Location: C/ Bonavista, No. 10


Casa Calvet.

This unique restaurant is situated right below the monument of the same name designed by the great architect Antoni Gaudí.

In its memorable surroundings you can enjoy state of the art cuisine against a backdrop of the beautiful work of Gaudi.

Casa Calvet montaje


The food varies according to the seasons, using only the finest local ingredients fresh from the market. There is a daily menu consisting of starter, main course and dessert, and you can easily check what is on offer via the constantly updated Casa Calvet Facebook page.

All of the dishes are spectacular examples of the latest modern cuisine, and while none will disappoint, we would particularly recommend the squid and monkfish burger or the rolled sole stuffed with porcini mushrooms.

Location: Carrer de Casp 48 (Corner with Carrer Bruc)

Daily menu: € 34.00


Loft del Born

“Loft is a space that is all of these at once: mid-morning vermouth; a quick coffee at the bar; a range of tapas for lunch; a slice of cake in the afternoon, dinner with a good bottle of wine or a comfortable evening drink on the sofa.”

This is how they define themselves on their website, making it clear that you will be made equally welcome whether you arrive for an aperitif, for lunch or dinner. The speciality is undoubtedly their selection of tapas which includes meat filled “bombas” (potato bombs), chicken skewers, croquettes and of course their special patatas bravas.

Loft de Borne


Should you wish to add the final touch to an evening with your loved one or friends, after a few tapas you could always consult their list of cocktails.

The combination of excellent food and attentive service makes the Loft del Born one of the best options for eating out in Barcelona.

Location: Plaza Comercial, 2

Price: € 25.00 per head (drinks not included)


These are just some of our recommendations for eating out during your stay in Barcelona, but we invite you to come and visit and perhaps discover a few more of your own!


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With the arrival of spring… our awareness is heightened.

As spring arrives, so too does the annual Barcelona BioCultura fair. This year will be the 22nd edition, and as usual it will be held at the Palau Sant Jordi and the attached exhibition hall. More than 300 activities have been organized for visitors of all ages, including the Festival Ecològic de la Infància MamaTerra (the Mother Earth Ecological Children’s’ Festival), live music and entertainment, the summer open air terrace and plenty of thought provoking display and debate.

With an expected 70,000 visitors and 700 exhibitors Biocultura is the largest international Exhibition of Organic Products and Responsible Consumption in Spain.


There are now more than 43 million hectares devoted to ecological farming around the planet. Figures for the “bio” produce market currently exceed 55 billion Euros worldwide. Europe alone accounts for 22 billion Euros, and the USA, Germany, France and China lead the ranking for consumption, in that order. In terms of expenditure per capita Switzerland tops the list, with 210 Euros per person each year, while the average throughout the EU stood at 44 Euros per head based on data for 2013.

Spain is the eighth ranked consumer among EU countries, but the largest single producer. The greatest production comes from Andalucía; however the leading Spanish region in terms of both consumption and marketing of organic products is Cataluña.

These figures are taken from a recent study conducted by IFOAM and FiBL. This global investigation concluded that there are now two million ecological producers worldwide. In India alone there are currently 650,000 small organic food producers. In the EU there are around 260,000 listed “bio” producers of whom 31,000 are Spanish – a significant proportion.


According to Ángeles Parra, director of BioCultura, the Catalan “bio” sector is one of the most active in Spain. “Many of the most dynamic and creative of the young generation of ‘bio-businesses’ are based here. In addition there is a buying public who are no longer willing to be deceived by the misinformation promoted in the media, and the interests of big business and Government Departments.

In Cataluña the ecological sector is multiplying at an annual rate of between 10 and 12%, with new shops, restaurants and ecological farms opening throughout the region every day. Public interest is growing all the time and organically produced food is now starting to appear on menus in schools, hospitals and other institutions.

Biocultura Palau


What we are seeing cannot quite yet be labelled a ‘boom’. But the moment will arrive when public administration finally decides to invest heavily in the sector – as is already occurring in Germany. Denmark, France and the UK. Ultimately ecological agriculture is not a matter of right or left wing ideology – and is well supported in those countries by various parties from different ends of the political spectrum.”

For Parra, “the Catalan public is well informed, socially conscious and active… the ‘bio’ movement was born here, the successors to the libertarian naturism popular before the Civil War. Nowadays people from all different backgrounds converge within the ‘bio’ sector; from eco-warriors to vegans and housewives. There is no longer a clear profile of the ecological consumer and organically produced food will soon be arriving at every dinner table. We just need a little more patience. In Cataluña we are getting close”.

BioCultura, Organic Products and Responsible Consumption Fair

Palau Sant Jordi.  BARCELONA

7th to 10th May 2015


More info on the website: www.biocultura.org

Pictures: www.facebook.com/FeriaBiocultura

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GSMA Mobile World Congress 2015 Barcelona

Once again comes to Barcelona a new edition of the Mobile World Congress 2015. An excellent opportunity to see the latest innovations in the sector of mobile technologies as well as attending lectures of the biggest executives in the sector.

Barcelona is the permanent venue of the salon and that makes that many visitors have already come into the city. A new opportunity to enjoy the good climate of Barcelona at the beginning of the month of March, in particular from 2 to 5 March 2015.

Gives us an idea of MWC’s importancia 2015 Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2015, it will be enough to throw a glimpse to his referees and numbers of the past edition, at which 75000 visitors were present, which constitutes a record, and which Virgina Rometty possessed referees and conferences as founding Mark Zuckerberg of facebook, founding Jan Koum of whatsapp, world chairwoman of IBM, Rich Riley the executive director of the ” virtual currency ” Big Coin, etc…

Like every year, it is important to book accommodation in advance as much reserves increases apartments and hotels to the level of the summer season. Many of the reservations are made months in advance as a last minute is very difficult to find a place to stay overnight while visiting the GSMA Barcelona. We recommend that you check our offers of apartments Mobile World Congress five minutes from the Fira de Barcelona.

Aptos Fira de Bcn

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Where to ski in Barcelona?

Ski stations closet to Barcelona

If you are a fan of skiing, snowboarding or any other winter sport, no doubt you will find this information on the ski slopes and stations close to the city very useful.

Baqueira Beret

Located in the Pyrenees, it is renowned for the great quality of its snow and its outstanding pre- and après-ski services, which make it one of the most popular stations in Spain and frequent destination of many personalities, such as members of the Royal Family and wealthy entrepreneurs. Located in the Aran Valley, its pistes are surrounded by peaks that tower over 3.000 metres and lush forests that help to conserve the snow.

La Molina-La Masella

These two ski stations are linked together by their pistes and together they total over 111 km of ski slopes, thus allowing skiers to enjoy both stations with a single pass. La Molina is characterised by its busy summer season and its variety of beginner’s courses. At La Masella, on the other hand, its most significant attraction are the view over the entire valley of Cerdaña, the region in which it is located and which is the largest in the Pyrenees.

Vall de Nuria

Located in Girona, in the municipality of Queralbs, at an altitude of around 2,000 metres, this station is easily accessible thanks to the train service and rack-railway from Nuria, which offers a journey with beautiful views. Its ski slopes are small to medium, the longest of which does not exceed 7 km, making it ideal for beginners who are just starting any kind of winter sport, or even small children who are also just learning. For this reason it has become one of the most family oriented and welcoming stations where not only can one take advantage of the services available in the mountain environment, but also visitors have the possibility of  enjoying cultural tourism, visiting the sanctuary of Our Lady of Nuria and Saint Gil Hermitage.

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What to do in Barcelona at Christmas

If you are looking for a place to spend Christmas this year, Barcelona is a city that is at its best during these special days. Illuminations, Christmas fairs with all the festive charm and specific activities, many of them devoted to the little ones, offer a unique atmosphere only to be found at Christmas.

Barcelona at Christmas


Barcelona’s climate is generally of a benign Mediterranean nature, with which the possibilities or enjoying a white Christmas in the city centre are slim; however, if snow is your thing, a short distance from Barcelona there are mountains and ski slopes that can well compete with those of other European cities.
But enough about these facilities, which we have already talked about. Today we are focussing on the city and some of the options available at Christmas.

Christmas fairs in Barcelona

The most important are:
Fira de Santa Llúcia. Located right opposite the entrance to the Cathedral, it starts this year on 28 November. Without a doubt, it is the Christmas fair par excellence and the most emblematic of the city. Tip: Before going to the fair, enjoy a hot chocolate in Calle Petritxol and a visit to the Cathedral.
Sacred Family Christmas Fair. Right next to the temple’s Façade of the Nativity is where another of the city’s most loved Christmas fairs is set up. The “Sacred Family Christmas Fair” has a large number of stands with elements that are unique to Catalonian Christmas traditions: Cribs, the “Caganer”, logs for the famous “Caga Tió”, Christmas plants, fir trees, etc.
Gran Via Magi Fair. Numerous stands decorate the Barcelona’s Gran Via from 9 December until 8 January, where you will find toys, sweets and gifts for all ages.

Christmas Cribs and Nativity Scenes in Barcelona

During these festivities, another of our most characteristic traditions comes to the fore – the Nativity Crib scenes, representations of the birth of Jesus made from a variety of materials (clay, wood, porcelain or even plastic). Catalonia has always been the cradle of great and prestigious nativity scene sculptors.
You will find a variety of these Cribs in churches and public spaces, such as Plaza Sant Jaume or Barcelona City Hall’s patio.
Apart from these static representations, many Catalonian villages put on live Nativity Scenes in which the birth of Jesus, together with other moments before and after, are brought to life by the people of these villages and towns.


Christmas activities for children in Barcelona

During Christmas there are a great number of children’s activities, some of which have become true traditions.
One example is the Children’s Festival, from 27 December to 4 January, in which the little ones can enjoy games, workshops, sports, as well as learning art and culture, all in an atmosphere of great enthusiasm.
Another activity that delights the little ones is the “storytelling”, set up in various shopping centres, such as El Corte Inglés, as well as the children’s workshops in different museums and other entities.

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What to do in Barcelona on Halloween?

The scariest night of the year will soon be upon us, when ghouls, vampires, mummies, witches and wolfmen arise from their lairs and take to the streets to party in cities all around the world.

Halloween is a feast with Celtic, and possibly pagan, origins celebrated on the night of the 31st October on the eve of the Christian All Saints’ Day. Houses and businesses worldwide will be decorated for the occasion in black, purple and orange and everyday ornaments will be replaced by pumpkins carved into jack-o’-lanterns, skeletons and spiders’ webs.

Traditional events include fancy dress parties and trick or treating, and such celebrations are becoming ever more popular in Barcelona. Here are a few ideas on how to spend a truly unforgettable Halloween:




The first Pumpkin Electronik Barcelona, hosted by the creators of Piknic and Brunch Electronik, is expected to be one of the most exciting club nights of the year, combining the latest electronic sounds with a host of fantastical and horrific attractions to ensure the party keeps rocking all night long.

So why not make your way down to the Sala Apolo – where doors open at 12.30 and the festivities will continue until 6.ooam.




Another of our recommendations is this atmospheric festive dinner accompanied by a 3 hour comedy and magic show, with organised games and competitions designed for all the family.

Enimagtium  offers far more than a simple meal: customers are told where and when to meet (10.00pm at the Camp Nou for example), and nothing more – the rest of the night will be a surprise.

Once you arrive, you will be given a series of clues on how to find the restaurant for dinner.

A great opportunity for a Halloween night out that promises to provide something completely different!


Halloween at Port Aventura


And finally, for adrenalin fanatics, the Port Aventura theme park will host a special Halloween spectacular.  It will be a party to remember (to give you an idea – we have been reliably informed that the festive decorations will include more than 12,000 pumpkins!). Special rides have been organized and a host of surprises await you – with zombies and monsters lurking in every corner of the park.

Not for the fainthearted – a complete experience, which you can enjoy just a few kilometres outside the centre of Barcelona.

For more information, and to check on special Halloween discounts, please consult the Website.


On the following day, the 1st of November, it is traditional to take a stroll through the streets of Barcelona and buy roasted chestnuts, home-made cakes and biscuits (panellets) and sugared fruits from street vendors, with tombolas and  entertainers all around the centre of town.

Get yourself ready and come and enjoy Halloween in Barcelona!

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Design made in Barcelona

Barcelona has more than beaches, paellas and festivals. In fact, in the last 20 years the city has become one of the favorite places of operation for architects, designers, photographers, illustrators and all kind of creative professionals from all over the world.
This is our main selection:

Vinçon is a classic in the city of Barcelona, which dates 1941. In the middle of Paseo de Gracia this shops sells contemporary design products for the home. The store of high architectural value includes Vinçon Room for temporary exhibitions of graphic and industrial design.
Opening times
Monday to Friday: from 10am – 8.30pm.
Saturdays: from 10.30am – 9pm.

Vaho is a brand of bags and purses unique. All their products are born of unique materials, the advertising banners. So you will not find two equals.
These canvases were usually made of PVC, used for a few weeks and then burned. Steam, thanks to the collaboration of several institutions and municipalities, gets these banners and cleaned one by one and the stretch. This is how they made bags and the other products of the brand.


Dosnoventa Bikes
Made in Italy, but designed in Barcelona designed with aesthetics, geometry and image at the forefront. This is the formula at Dosnoventa, the brand of fixie bikes created in 2010, which has filled its pockets with half the cycling world. It turns out they’re irresistible; make an appointment and see for yourself.

Iriarte Iriarte
The Iriarte Iriarte leather bags are designed and manufactured entirely in Barcelona. His pieces are made using traditional techniques applied to a more contemporary design. Use natural premium leather designed to last for years and years a Iriarte Iriarte is an investment in the future of those who do not repent.

If you are still interested in more about Barcelona’s design we recommend you to do a city tour. Here you will find all the information you need: http://www.bcd.es/en/rutadisseny.asp

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Let’s do a picnic!

This weekend begins one more time Piknic Electronik with an emblematic and ideal space in the city. Piknic Elektronic is more than just a picnic. It’s a festival that brings the opportunity to families and friends to enjoy a great time together listen to electronic music. This year will have two distinct areas: one for families and kids and the other only for adults. A different way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
But if you’re looking for a quieter option, we recommend buying your own food and going to a park. Where can you go? Where can you buy the food?
Here you can find some ideas:

Parc de la Ciutadella
It’s one of the biggest parks in Barcelona and it’s located next to the Zoo and the França Station. On Sunday you’ll find all kind of people: families, bongo players and dogs. Maybe you will have to fight for little green space for do your picnic. But, if you finally decided to go there you can buy the food in Pim Pam Plats (Carrer del Rec 18). There you can find all kind of prepared dishes, as ravioli, lasagna or vegetarian food.

Parc Cervantes
Although there’s no shop or supermarket near the park, Parc Cervantes is a magnificent and very open green space that is distinguished by its large expanses of grass, wide pathways and the gentleness of the slope of the land. And also has a great Rose Garden. If you finally decided to go there, maybe the best option for do a picnic in Parc Cervantes is to bring a sandwich.

Parc del Turó de la Peira
This park is like a forest area where you can stay in a relaxing way. There you can buy the food for the food the picnic in Rostisseria Rivelo. We recommend trying suckling pig, pigs’ feet, or rabbit and chicken in all their varieties. After this meal you will need a siesta, so you’re in the right place for it.

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5 things you must do in Barcelona

Barcelona offers a lot of thing to do and now is the best moment to visit the city.

Actually in Barcelona you can do a great number of things, but maybe there are some that are essential during your visit to the city.

Here you can find our selection:


1.       Go to the beach

Barcelona, with more than 4 km of beach, is the perfect place to enjoy your summer holidays without leaving the city. Every beach has its own “chiringuitos” where you can eat seafood or drink a cocktail. Also Barcelona’s Beaches are a good place to practice sports as running or volleyball.

But, if you’re looking for a relaxed site you can take the train on the city center and go to Sitges, Garraf or Premià de Mar. These villages are next to Barcelona and are more quitters. This can be a better option for families and children.

2.       Visit Gaudí arquitecture

Maybe is one of the Barcelona’s top attraction. La Pedrera, Sagrada Familia or Park Güell are some of the Gaudi’s monuments you must see before leaving the city.

Be sure of getting tickets early because during the summer there are a lot of people.

3.       Celebrate a local festival

During the summer, Barcelona celebrates many local festivities. The most famous one are Festes de Gràcia, wich always presents an extensive and varied program of more than 500 activities for all the people and also for families and children. Many activities are also specifically for residents, but the many free concerts and the street decorations are free for visitors to enjoy.

And after Festes de Gràcia, there are Festes de Sants and la Festa de la Mercè that is the festivity of Barcelona and where you can enjoy a lot of activities for free too.

4.       Climb up to one of the mountains 

Barcelona has two mountains, Tibidabo and Montjuic. From either you can enjoy such a great overview of the city.

The mountain of Tibidabo is the biggest one and has an amusement park, a big church and a panoramic view over the city. You can get there taking the Tramvia Blau wich dates 1901. The Tramvia Blau runs 1.276m. up to the foot of the Tibidabo funicular, past Modernist and Noucentist buildings that give way to nature and splendid views of the city.

Montjuic’s mountain has the castle of Montjuic on the top of the mountain, which dates 1694 and it’s the best witness of the history of the city. There you can also find the MNAC (the national museum of art of Catalonia) and the Magic Fountain, which offers a great show of light, water and music. Starting on the 31st of March, the Magic Fountain will be offering the new spring-summer timetable that runs from Thursday to Sunday, with sessions from 9:00 pm until 11:30 pm.

5.       Enjoy a party

Sonar, Primavera Sound, Sala Apolo, Razzmatazz Club… Barcelona is well known for its parties and nightclubs. Every day of the week you can find such a great parties around the city.

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Horchata, the most refreshing drink for this summer

Horchata is a popular, refreshing drink consumed in Spain during the hot summers. It is made from “chufas”, the tubers of the nut sedge plant. Horchata has a white, milky appearance and is served cold. Horchata is a highly energetic and nutritious drink with cardiovascular properties similar to those of olive oil.

The chufa is sweet and starchy and tastes very much like almonds or hazelnuts. Chufas or tiger nuts are actually healthy food. Chufas were introduced by the Moors and are primarily grown in the Community of Valencia. In order to make the horchata, chufas must be harvested, cleaned and slowly dried over a 3-month period. They are then ground and mixed with water, sugar and sometimes lemon juice before going through a filter process to become horchata.

You can buy Horchata at supermarkerts. There are several brands of commercially-produced horchata, which may be sold pasteurized, sterilized or in powder form.

Here in Barcelona you can also go to a “Horchateria”. There are two great classics in the city you should go:


Horchateria Sirvent:

C/Parlament 56

Horchateria Sirvent was founded in 1920 when Thomas Sirvent from Xixona decided to move to Barcelona. His son was the one who moved the company to the current one in Carrer Parlament. Sirvent offers which is the best horchata in Barcelona, with a unique and natural flavor that has nothing to do with other horchatas. Their ice creams and turrons are also natural and delicious.


La Valenciana

C/Aribau 16

Founded in 1910, La Valenciana is located at the city center. Cortés family, from Xixona, is the owners of this commerce for more than a hundred years ago. La Valenciana is s representative witness of the history of Barcelona.

Also, you can buy their traditional products through their website: http://lavalenciana.com/tienda/



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Spanish traditional food: Paella

Paella is probably one of the most famous dishes of Spain. Although you can eat it all the year, during summer is very usual to go to some “chiringuito” near the beach to eat Paella.

One of the things that most surprises tourists when they visit Spain are the great varieties of Paella: with meat, with meat and fish, only with fish or with vegetables.  Also you can try “Arroz negro”, a variety of Paella cooked with squid ink.

Some restaurant where you can enjoy good Paella in Barcelona:


La Mar Salada

Pg. Joan de Borbó, 58-59

Located in Barceloneta, the neighborhood next to the beach, La Mar Salada is a good place to eat Paella at affordable prices. At this familiar restaurant you can eat seafood dishes, rice, tapas and fish. During summer and weekends is recommended booking a table beforehand.


7 Portes

Pasaje Isabel II, 14 

Founded in 1836, 7 Portes is more than a classic in the city of Barcelona. Its cuisine presents traditional catalan dishes with rice specialties as the main attraction. Restaurant’s name come from its seven characteristic doors (“portes” in Catalan) and it has gone down in history. Although prices are higher than other restaurants, 7 Portes Restaurant is the best place to enjoy traditional Catalancuisine.


Pez Vela

Passeig del Mare Nostrum, 19-21

Located in the W Hotel, this restaurant belongs to Tragaluz Group. The restaurant and its wonderful terrace it’s very busy during the summer. Its specialty is rice, but also includes a good selection of grilled wild fish and meat. With a spectacular view of Barcelona’s skyline, Pez Vela Restaurant is a good option to have a lunch in front of the sea.


Maybe you prefer to learn how to cook Paella. It’s easier than it seems at first and a good occasion to spend your time cooking with friends. Here you can find the traditional Spanish Paella recipe. Good luck!



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Summer in Barcelona: your best choice

Maybe the best time to visit Barcelona is on summer. Moreover its beaches and good weather, during summer there’re a lot of events and happenings along the city.

Even Barcelona gets very crowded during summer; major events take place during this period. Be sure of getting your accommodation with enough time and enjoy the city.

Festival Ciutat Flamenco

The Festival Ciutat Flamenco shows a transcultural view of this Spanish tradition. Between 22 and 25 of May, Barcelona hosts The Festival Ciutat Flamenco. Organized by Mercat de les Flors and Taller de Musics, the festival presents the most innovative face of flamenco, opening the traditions up to new interpretations.

Primavera Sound

Primavera Sound is a classic in Barcelona and stand outs for its range of genres. Rock, pop, electronic and underground music join to provide best the best music scene in Spain. This year includes Arcade Fire, The National and The Pixies inter alia. Also during the festival there are innumerable free activities around the city.


Sonar is the International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art taking place in Barcelona during three days every June. Created in 1994, Sonar is a pioneering festival with a unique format and content. Tickets are now available. We recommend getting the tickets ASAP to save money. The price goes up as the festival date approach.

Festival del Grec

El Festival del Grec is the major cultural festival of the year. The festival takes place in the Barcelona’s Greek Amphitheatre (this is the reason of its name). Grec Festival has become a reference of the European performing arts calendar. Theater, music, dance, circus and more disciplines during all July. If you’re in Barcelona do not miss this opportunity to join this cultural happening.


Also during summer you can go to some traditional neighbourhood parties. These local celebrations are a special occasion to see and enjoy Catalan traditions like “sardanas” or “correfocs”.

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Terraces for everybody

It doesn’t matter if you prefer the sun than the shadow; because in Barcelona you will find a great variety of locals with terraces where you can spend the warm days.

Choose your terrace and enjoy the good weather of Barcelona:

Hotel Neri

C/San Sever 5, Gótico

In the middle of the Barrio Gótico, the city centre of Barcelona, we found a little delightful square, perfect for a romantic soiree. Furthermore, this little square was a testimony of the Spain Civil War where we can see in the walls the rests of a 1938 bombing.


C/Major de Sarrià 134, Sarrià

This restaurant is on the upper side of the city, in the neighbourhood of Sarria.  The restaurant hides an amazing terrace to spend the warmer summer nights in a relaxed way. Surrounded by vegetation, in the Vivanda’s terrace you can taste gorgeous plates cooked by Chef Jordi Vilà at affordable prices.

Santa Marta

C/Grau i Torres, 95, Barceloneta

Santa Marta is in front of the beach and because of that is difficult to find a free chair to seat during the summer. The Italian brothers Colombo are the owners of this local. In this great place you can eat Paninis or drink Spritz.

Torre Rosa

C/Francesc Tàrrega, 22, Sant Andreu

This local is far away from the city centre but is worth to go to Sant Andreu neighborhood. Torre Rosa is a cocktail bar in a house formerly owned by one of the ‘indianos’ or ‘Americanos’ (Catalans who left to the other side of the pond and then returned to spend their wealth.) Surrounded by a garden, it’s the perfect place to escape of city noise.

Bar Calders

C/Parlament 25, Eixample

Sant Antoni has become the last Barcelona’s coolest neighborhood. Next to the Sant Antoni Market you will find Bar Calders, a nice site with a lot of life. The perfect place to try a Vermouth or a selection of Spanish tapas.


Plaça del Dr. Andreu s/n, Sant Gervasi

Set on Tibidabo’s Mountain, this restaurant has panoramic views over the city. Although is not a cheap place to have a drink, the views over the city are spectacular. During the weekend the downstairs floor becomes a night club.


Jardins de Can Sentmenat (Parque del Eina)

C/ Can Caralleu, 16-18, Sarrià

 This place is perfect to go with the children. The park has a playground where you can do a “siesta” while the kids are playing. Also you can eat a salad or a focaccia in the pleasant terrace of the bar.


Hotel Barceló Raval

Rambla del Raval 17-21, Raval

The Raval Barceló is only a 5-minute walk from Las Ramblas and Boqueria Market. In the top of this building we find a 360º terrace where we can enjoy the views from inside the city while we are having a drink or eating some tapas.


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Cruilla Barcelona 2013 festival for music lovers

From Classbedroom Apartments in Barcelona support all events related to Barcelona and we are pleased to present you a new edition of Festival Cruïlla, Barcelona on 5 and 6 July 2013.

A music festival for all those who like music. A festival without tags with the premise of bringing music to Barcelona. The 2013 Cruïlla Barcelona Edition brings together Headliners such as Snoop Dog in their only concert in Spain, Morcheeba, Suede, James Morrison, or Cat Power among many others. In addition to Catalan as Standstill, Maia Vidal or Quart first many groups and artists.

In addition, Cruiila Barcelona is committed to the city and the music festival and promotions with many locals and associations that share the same point of view that Cruïlla, Barcelona will have seen several days.

Thus, we are very pleased to collaborate with Cruïlla Barcelona offering our Barcelona apartments for all attendees to the festival. All festival attendees who need accommodation in the city will have a discount for attending Cruïlla Barcelona 2013.

We are confident that this edition will be a success and will continue to promote music and Barcelona among all audiences.

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Summer season in Barcelona with Classbedroom

This year, all our apartments in Barcelona are prepared for the new summer season in Barcelona. Once again, we hope all our customers with the same desire to always.

For this season, we have several new apartments in the majority of areas in Barcelona Sants, Eixample, Barceloneta or the center of the city. Thanks to our agreements with several owners we can offer more than 50 apartments in the best areas of Barcelona.

In addition, for the new season we have lowered the prices of most apartments and you can enjoy Barcelona apartments from € 20 per person per night. An exceptional offer for the months of June, July and August in Barcelona.
And for all those who book a week’s holiday in August in most of our apartments, they can still leverage that for each booked 6 days, we give them a free night in the same apartment.

And as in every season, Barcelona is now ready to receive visitors from all over the world. Beaches are ready to receive the first bathers, the Center is ready for all of them, all services of Barcelona are at maximum occupancy. In short, everything is ready so that our guests enjoy a few perfect days in our city.

We hope to see you all during this summer season and offer our best services that all may be at home on your vacation in Barcelona.

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Free nights in our Barcelona apartments

To celebrate our new website, the start of a new season, and the loyalty of many of you, at Classbedroom I want to give away free nights in our apartments in Barcelona during the month of April!

To get a free night in our apartments will have performed a minimum stay of 6 nights during the month of April in any of the following apartments: Barcelona Gracia apartment, Eixample Free, Eixample Free II, Eixample Free III, Park Güell, Montjuic Fountains and all Barceloneta Beach IV. In our web booking form you should indicate “CLASSBEDROOM PROMO” and will directly give you a free night.

This offer can not accumulate to any other offer or discount, we assure you that a free night is an excellent offer to visit Barcelona at the best price.

Make the reservation as soon as possible! And begin to enjoy Barcelona with Classbedroom!

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New website of Classbedroom Apartments in Barcelona

At Classbedroom we have a premiere week! We are very pleased to introduce you our new redesign of our website. After a few months in which all have been working to offer you a more intuitive, simple to use web and with the best tips on Barcelona.

A more modern design that allows access to the important information in the booking of your apartment in Barcelona. A design with much useful information for your trip to Barcelona. A design that will hopefully be of your liking.

In addition to the new design and new developments in the prices for this season, now at Classbedroom I offer much more information about Barcelona, the most interesting to visit places, the most fun activities and much more.

To celebrate this release, Classbedroom we have improved our prices for the rental of tourist apartments in Barcelona and, incidentally, started the new season with many new features.

We hope all your comments about our new website and that is also a very good season for all who visit Barcelona.

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Your Barcelona apartments for Easter 2013

Starts the period of holidays and public holidays across Europe and this year at the end of March 2013 Holy week. Classbedroom has been all winter looking forward to it arriving from new tourist season to Barcelona.

For this reason, we have prepared our apartments in Barcelona for Easter 2013 in detail. In addition to our new apartments with swimming pool and new areas in Barcelona we have also renovated many of our apartments.

As always, all of our apartments have some special prices for our clients and I can assure that we offer apartments in the best areas of Barcelona and at the best price.

During Easter 2013, Barcelona starts to get pretty for all visitors who will come in the following months. All the monuments and spaces have been maintained in the winter period and it is at the beginning of spring when they begin to look toward all visitors.

For this Easter 2013, our apartments are priced per person and night from €20. Very good prices so everyone enjoy Barcelona during the first holiday of the year.

We encourage you to visit Barcelona Easter 2013 and choose us for your accommodation in the city during Easter 2013.

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Classbedroom collaborates with new projects in Barcelona

Since more than one year ago, at Classbedroom we support new projects that promote activities and events in Barcelona.

After our collaborations with several film festivals, salons, exhibitions, conventions and conferences we are betting on new cultural projects in Barcelona.

For this reason, we are very pleased to collaborate with the first edition of the cultural days of Comic and DTP in Barcelona which will be held at Espai Fontana during the second weekend of March.

Through collaboration with the KBOOM days aim to promote activities in Barcelona, both cultural as in any sector. Classbedroom believes that all the activities carried out in the city encourage knowledge of Barcelona and help us all to make Barcelona a city more known.

In addition, since KBOOM intends to make this Conference a meeting point for young authors and from Classbedroom we are always open to supporting events that promote new authors and projects.

We hope that the Conference will be a success and we encourage anyone who has a related event Barcelona contact us to contribute what we can to promote your events with all of our audience.

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Offers on apartments in Barcelona for March

March in Barcelona starts time leave coats aside and start preparing for the spring. In addition, approaching a new holiday season and expected new visitors to the city with the best of our smiles.

This is why at Classbedroom we maintain our best offers in our apartments in Barcelona during the month of March 2013. Prices from € 18 per person and night in many of our apartments in the best areas of Barcelona.

Our apartments in Barceloneta Beach, las Ramblas, the heart of Barcelona and other more remote areas continue with the same prices falling in season with the exception of the Easter season and some special days.

A great opportunity to visit the city with the best prices and the best climate in addition to fewer crowds than in high season and many fewer tourists in the streets and monument of the city.

Check out our Barcelona apartments for rent during the month of March and enjoy the city at the beginning of the spring season. We hope to see you soon in Barcelona!

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Easter Barcelona 2013 with Classbedroom

Easter is coming to Barcelona and at Classbedroom 2013 are already preparing new high season so that our customers enjoy the city as if they were at home.

For this Holy week 2013 we will have several new apartments available including those which we have already opened as our apartments close to the Camp Nou, our new apartments in the Eixample, or several new apartments in other areas of the city.

As always, Barcelona will be spectacular at those dates and with the onset of spring you can see innovations and reforms of the most unique buildings in the city. By early spring, the city’s beaches are not yet upgraded completely but the bravest can take a good bath.

All our apartments are already conditioned to return to levels of occupation of the high season and all of us are willing to welcome all visitors to Easter 2013 in Barcelona.

Remember that you can book with us your apartments to the Easter 2013 in Barcelona. We are waiting for you!

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Classbedroom new apartment near Nou Camp

At Classbedroom we continue looking for new areas and new apartments in Barcelona so that our customers have opportunity to stay in the city.

This week, we have opened a new apartment next to the Nou Camp for all fans to the football and FC Barcelona. The Classbedroom Camp Nou apartment is located 10 minutes from the famous stadium of Football Club Barcelona. It is a renovated apartment with three rooms and ideal for groups. In addition, the apartment is located in a quiet residential area near one of the most commercial streets of the city, full of shops, bars and restaurants.

Every day are still looking for the best opportunities for accommodation in Barcelona for all our customers. And an apartment close to the Barcelona FC Camp Nou complements our offer more than 40 apartments in the best areas of the city.

As every year, we hope to increase our offer of apartments in Barcelona. At the moment, we have added our Classbedroom Nou Camp Barcelona and, in short, will give you news of new apartments near the Nou Camp and elsewhere in the city.

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Christmas in Barcelona more than a Christmas

Lack bit for Christmas and Barcelona to be held already is in full season of shopping, Christmas decorations and hundreds of activities for the whole family. A perfect time to visit Barcelona in full holiday season.

During this festive season, we have lowered the price of our apartments at Classbedroom! For less than 20 euros per person and night you can enjoy an apartment in the Centre of Barcelona during the Christmas season.

In addition to the typical activities of parties like being with family and spend the holidays in the best company, Barcelona offers you many more activities. For example, in Barcelona you can make purchases in any of its commercial areas such as Passeig de Gràcia, Pelayo, Portaferrisa or Portal del Angel.

Also in the center of the city lies one of Europe’s largest urban ice tracks. In the ice rink you can skate for several hours with children and the family and there are even several discounts for groups.

In Christmas season, Barcelona fill its theaters with the works that have been more successful in recent years and some special to the Christmas season premieres. A good opportunity so you can see the latest news from the theatre of the city.

Less than 20 euros you can have your apartment in Barcelona with Classbedroom and, by very little more, enjoy everything that Barcelona has to offer in holiday season.

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December and January crazy months at ClassBedroom

Reaches the Barcelona low season, comes the winter and the crazy months at Classbedroom. Do you want to enjoy an apartment in the Centre of Barcelona hostel price?

You only have to come to Barcelona and book any of our apartments in the Centre of Barcelona, in la Barceloneta beach or in the District of el Born at discounted prices. How much’d by an apartment in the Centre of Barcelona? In Classbedroom you can find your apartment from 10 euros per person per night!
Many of our apartments have very reduced prices for all entries in December and January. Now take advantage of this opportunity and will enjoy Barcelona by a very special price.

In addition to the advantages of booking your accommodation at a price reduced also you’ll have the advantage of visiting all the attractions of Barcelona with less crowds. And during the Christmas season, Barcelona is a city with hundreds of activities to do and in January come rebates to Barcelona, a perfect time to make purchases of winter.

We recommend that you review our website and may prove all our offers in our apartments in Barcelona! It is the ideal time to visit the city!

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End of year 2012 in Barcelona

The Christmas approaching and as every year Barcelona wears its streets and its shops with offers and decoration according to those dates.

As every year since Classbedroom we offer special offers in our apartments for the night’s end of year 2012 in Barcelona. A good time to enjoy a few days in the city in the company of family members, friends or couple and live the Christmas atmosphere of Barcelona.

During all the Christmas and the beginning of the year 2013 in Barcelona you can enjoy an ice rink in the heart of the city, of all the shops in the Center showing their best deals, from about January sales in which you can find the best discounts and a very special atmosphere in most of the city’s streets.

In addition to the commercial offer, during new year and Christmas you can also view multiple special versions of theater’s best-known works in the best theaters in Barcelona and also the most Christmas movie releases in the Centre of Barcelona.

Ultimately, the end of year 2012 in Barcelona is a good time to visit the city and stay in any of our Classbedroom apartments in Barcelona close to centre and make the most of everything that brings Barcelona during the Christmas season.

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Collaboration between Creativa 2012 and Classbedroom Apartments in Barcelona

This year, at Classbedroom we are working with multiple projects, associations and companies to improve our services to customers and improve the offer of hosting various events, salons and exhibitions with whom we collaborate.

In this sense, we are very pleased to announce a new partnership with Creativa 2012 exhibition. Creativa 2012 exhibition Barcelona is the most important crafts Hall of throughout the year and is held at the Fairgrounds in La Farga de L’Hospitalet. You can find all sorts of articles related to crafts and creativity, attend classes and buying equipment to make items in your own home.
Creativa 2012 Barcelona exhibition is held during the last weekend of November in La Farga de L’Hospitalet and attracts a lot of fans to the crafts, chores, and fine arts.

For our part, all the classroom assistants have at their disposal a discount on our apartments thanks to the collaboration agreement with Creativa Barcelona and, in turn, Classbedroom customers will know the activities of Creativa 2012.

We hope that this agreement can be maintained in future editions and the 2012 Edition of creative is a success of public and fill La Farga of art during the 29th and 30th of November and 1 and 2 December.

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How much would you pay for an apartment in Barcelona in the month of November

The month of November is the beginning of one of the quietest seasons in the city. Many fewer visitors, more quiet, the big attractions are still open and makes a pretty pleasant time to stroll around the city.

Do thing much willing to pay for an apartment in Barcelona? At Classbedroom we offer in November some incredible offers to come to Barcelona. In our apartments for groups you can have an apartment in the center of the city for less than € 15 per person per night.

Prices ideal that anyone can visit the city with a minimal budget. In addition, all of our apartments include full kitchens and have nearby supermarkets and markets to buy all kinds of food. If you make meals in the apartment, the budget is still smaller.

All these benefits, joins the autumn and winter of Barcelona have a much more pleasant temperatures than the rest of big cities of Europe and the same attractions and points of interest that of the summer.

In summary, a very good opportunity to visit the city. We recommend you to look at our section for deals on apartments in Barcelona and book at the best price with Classbedroom.

About the author