Festival of Sant Joan in Barcelona 2016

san juan 2016 barcelonaThe night of San Juan is one of the most special nights of the year, the summer solstice, not only for being the shortest, but by the number of parties, bonfires, local festivals and traditions.

Verbena San Juan, for many a magical and special night: jump bonfires, spells, firecrackers, community dinners outdoors, beach parties until dawn, music, dances and popular festivities.

In this article we explain how to squeeze the most of the night of San Juan in Barcelona.

One of the most famous festivals is the Flame of Canigó, reaching the Plaza de Sant Jaume, where are the representatives of local authorities of each district, responsible for collecting the fire to ignite bonfires throughout the city.

Here we explain the different festivals that are held in different districts of Barcelona for this San Juan 2016:

  • Sarria-Sant Gervasi: can go to dinner at a popular Orlandai House.
    Ciutat Vella, one of the most important holidays is receiving the flame of Canigó in PlaçaSantJaume. We may also find various bonfires distributed by district
  • Ciutat Vella. In the Rabal we can find bonfires, sung Havaneres, popular dinner and bonfire with mobile disco. In Barceloneta we find a bonfire in the Plaza del Poeta Boscà.
  • Eixample: total can find 6 verbenas in the Eixample district. If you have desire to explore we recommend you to venture to visit more than one.
  • Gràcia: over 15 bonfires scattered throughout the district, one of the most active in this type of festivities. We recommend that the party that is mounted on the square Anna Frank not miss. If you have time, do not quitéis Gracia vuestr radar, and that 15 to 21 August Festes de Gràcia, an unmissable event in Barcelona are organized.
  • Sants-Montjuic: Diables, dinners, dances, music and bonfires, endless activities in civic centers and casinos. Maybe not one of the most popular districts to San Juan, but is characterized by its neighborhood organization.
  • Sant Martí: more than 12 fires flood the district, we recommend you visit the center of Parc del Poble Nou.
  • Sant Andreu: from 6 d ela later find activities for the little ones, in this case at Plaça del Congrés. Timbalers, correfocs, parties and music will flood the district.
  • Horta-Guinardó 10 fires burned during the night of San Juan. Getting lost in one of the most authentic districts of Barcelona.

Here are some of our proposals, if you just fit forever and ever can go to one of the large parties that are made on the beaches of Barcelona coastline, or the more famous nightclubs of Barcelona, ??organized special parties for San Juans night.

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