Collaboration agreement between Classbedroom and FICMA 2012

During the month of October and continuing with the policy of Classbedroom collaborations, we have reached an agreement with international Cinema Festival of Medi Ambient for our Barcelona apartments to those attending the festival.

Thanks to this agreement, Classbedroom forms part of the accommodation partners with one of the most important environmental thematic festivals from across the State.

FICMA 2012 will show the latest in documentary cinema, as in the last editions, news and early premieres of films committed to the environment. In addition to the official section, the festival also has a section dedicated to exposing developments of the genre, a specialized in short films section and another section devoted to the young.

At Classbedroom we are very happy to collaborate with an organization that defends actions in favour of the environment and be present at a festival as important as FICMA 2012.

We hope that from this edition we can collaborate on upcoming events and actions and we recommend you asistáis to projections carried out in Barcelona.

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