Classbedroom collaborates with new projects in Barcelona

Since more than one year ago, at Classbedroom we support new projects that promote activities and events in Barcelona.

After our collaborations with several film festivals, salons, exhibitions, conventions and conferences we are betting on new cultural projects in Barcelona.

For this reason, we are very pleased to collaborate with the first edition of the cultural days of Comic and DTP in Barcelona which will be held at Espai Fontana during the second weekend of March.

Through collaboration with the KBOOM days aim to promote activities in Barcelona, both cultural as in any sector. Classbedroom believes that all the activities carried out in the city encourage knowledge of Barcelona and help us all to make Barcelona a city more known.

In addition, since KBOOM intends to make this Conference a meeting point for young authors and from Classbedroom we are always open to supporting events that promote new authors and projects.

We hope that the Conference will be a success and we encourage anyone who has a related event Barcelona contact us to contribute what we can to promote your events with all of our audience.

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