Christmas in Barcelona more than a Christmas

Lack bit for Christmas and Barcelona to be held already is in full season of shopping, Christmas decorations and hundreds of activities for the whole family. A perfect time to visit Barcelona in full holiday season.

During this festive season, we have lowered the price of our apartments at Classbedroom! For less than 20 euros per person and night you can enjoy an apartment in the Centre of Barcelona during the Christmas season.

In addition to the typical activities of parties like being with family and spend the holidays in the best company, Barcelona offers you many more activities. For example, in Barcelona you can make purchases in any of its commercial areas such as Passeig de Gràcia, Pelayo, Portaferrisa or Portal del Angel.

Also in the center of the city lies one of Europe’s largest urban ice tracks. In the ice rink you can skate for several hours with children and the family and there are even several discounts for groups.

In Christmas season, Barcelona fill its theaters with the works that have been more successful in recent years and some special to the Christmas season premieres. A good opportunity so you can see the latest news from the theatre of the city.

Less than 20 euros you can have your apartment in Barcelona with Classbedroom and, by very little more, enjoy everything that Barcelona has to offer in holiday season.

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