Apartment for summer in Barcelona

Apartment for summer in BarcelonaAny time of year is good to visit the city, but if you can choose we recommend booking an apartment for the summer in Barcelona. The season of the year in which people and the city are transformed to live to the fullest and enjoy the good weather with a wide range of activities to do. From open-air cinema, to festivals in various neighborhoods of the city, concerts and more activities of all kinds. Then, we will advise you of a followed of corners and things to do during the summer in Barcelona. In addition, it should be mentioned that ClassBedroom offers apartments in the most central areas so that you can enjoy an apartment for the summer in Barcelona and fully accessible to all areas of the city. Finally, here are our tips for enjoying the city for the best dates of the year.

What can you do in an apartment for the summer in Barcelona?

To start strong, we recommend you the cinema outdoors. A followed of concerts, shorts and films of all the times under the sky of Barcelona. From the 30th of June to the 4th of August, in the Montjuic room. You can not miss this unique opportunity to see films that have triumphed so much this year, as La Land, SpotLight, or Captain Fantastic among others. For more information, click here. In addition ClassBedroom has apartments for the summer in Barcelona in the Montjuic district, to make things even easier.

In the morning, the best activities you can do are to lose by the city and the different neighborhoods of which it is formed or go to its splendid beach to cool down a little and get brown. It is worth mentioning that during the second half of August, the celebrations of the neighborhoods of Gracia and Sants are celebrated. In the first one, it is typical to go to see its streets that are totally decorated by the different people who live in the area, afterwards a lottery is done to know which street is the best decorated neighborhood. In the second they also decorate the streets, but it is not so famous, although charm is not lacking. At night, in both neighborhoods are celebrated parties with the best music, concerts and all kinds of activities for children, family and youth. It is worth mentioning that in all the previously mentioned neighborhoods and more on the beach, ClassBedroom offers summer apartment in Barcelona with all the easy access of the world so you can enjoy the city without limits.

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In addition, Barcelona also offers a wide range of music concerts. Why, what would summer be without music? Nothing. That is why, during the summer months we can listen to singers and music groups in the Sala Apolo and Sala Razzmataz.

Another nice activity to see, are the Magic Fountains of Montjuic, some colorful fountains and accompanied by the best music. You will see how the water of the fountain seems to dance to the sound of music recreating spectacular abstract figures.

Finally, mention that in June is celebrated the day of San Juan. Exactly the night of June 23. At this party, firecrackers are thrown and it is usually celebrated on the beach with bonfires, which then have to jump. Without a doubt, a unique experience that you will love.

So do not hesitate and come and spend the summer in Barcelona. In ClassBedrooms we are looking forward to staying at one of our apartment for the summer in Barcelona.

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