5 Tricks to pack

5 trucos hacer maletasPack, either because we are going on holiday or because we have to spend time in another city, it is a task that we must perform and for their dedication to be taken. The choice of format baggage and what will take us inside are crucial, because to know about this, we measure the length of stay, place and activities that we perform in it.

Knowing that for many remains a mystery, article then we want to give 5 tricks to pack and so can rest easy thinking just to enjoy your fantastic holiday in cities like Barcelona:

1. Make a list of items

Make a list of things we’re taking is essential for us not forget anything. The preorder and enumeration of content can quite help regarding what we have to add priority and thus we do not forget anything at the last moment.

2. Create outfits

The clothes usually what occupies more space in our suitcase and stacking ensemble is one of the best ideas to not leave us anything. At this point it is important that you always take the more you use or that you think need since anything else will be useless and it is a hole that can leave for more content.

3. Separate liquids

In the event that carry liquid material (perfumes, soaps, etc.) the idea is to separate yourself in a small bag that no type of incident. With even containers tightly closed, there may be a complication and do not want this to spill over into our clothes, books, etc. and cause a disaster.

4. A round with documentation

The documentation should always be with the person to whom it belongs. It is a mistake to bring this kind of papers in the suitcase because they can make needed at any time. ID card, passport (in case necessary) health card, money are elements that best fit in your pocket or in a separate bag.

5. Controlling the weight of luggage

Wear clothes larger volume set is an essential for the luggage in question does not weigh too trick us. Coats, jackets or vests are part of those elements that take up much space and it is always better to go in the case that you do foul outside the luggage.

We hope that with these 5 basic tips make it easier (and faster) to pack for your next trip. If you have any other ideas or easy trick you preparing your luggage do not hesitate to share in the comments section.

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